The Wright Brothers

The Wright Brothers

Vintage Advertising Litho’s
Size: 21 x 31
Hand pulled lithograph

Sale Price: $149.00
Gallery Retail: $425.00

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“Comes with original publishers certificate of authenticity”

“the celebration in Dayton was huge. These were hometown heroes, and it was a two-day, mammoth celebration of all things Wright. To the best of my research, though, it’s curious, I don’t think there was actually a flying exhibition on that day. So this poster is really a romantic vision, and the fact that the poster so accurately and beautifully re-creates a Wright flyer makes it of a lot of interest to people who study the history of aviation. Now, in 1909, aviation– no pun intended– began to take off.” – Antiques Roadshow appraiser on an original poster when he attached the $6000 price tag to it.


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