Vintage Advertisement Litho’s
Size: 38 x 27
Hand pulled lithograph

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“Comes with original publishers certificate of authenticity”

Tabarin was the general name given to any number of French comedic street performers of the early 20th century. The frivolity is captured here in this charming vintage style advertising poster by the artist Ernst Deutsch. Ernst Deutsch-Dryden (1887 , 1938 ) was born as Ernst Deutsch, the son of a Jewish merchant from Szeged in Vienna, and as a graphic designer he put his mark on magazines, haute couture, movie costumes, erotica, posters and more. In 1912, Julius Klinger wrote of him; “If I have to talk about his personality, I cannot be objective, I do love his style too much. He is smart, funny and surprising; sometimes a bit disagreeable, which highlights his sweet Viennese appearances so pleasantly”. By his elegant, snappy style of drawing, his graceful strokes, and his sometimes experimentally tentative solutions, he created stunningly powerful works of art


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