Jack Johnson, Arthur Cravan, 1916 Boxing

Johnson vs Cravan

Vintage Advertisement Litho’s
Size: 19 x 45
Fine art lithograph, hand-pulled on an antique press.

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On April 23, 1916, Jack Johnson, the former Heavyweight boxing champion of the world in exile in Europe after fleeing conviction for violating the White-Slave Traffic Act, went mano a mano with modern art. His nominal opponent was Arthur Cravan née Fabian Lloyd, an Englishman born and educated in Switzerland, who claimed to be the nephew of Oscar Wilde, a professional boxer, singer, art critic, poet – you name it. Living in Paris, he was a performance artist before the genre existed, the subject and theme of his art being himself. Creating a public spectacle was the reason he got out of bed each morning, and once on his feet was a walking happening.


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