Houdini-Water Torture Cell

Houdini-Water Torture Cell

Vintage Advertising Litho’s
Size: 38 x 87
Hand pulled lithograph – Two sheets on Coventry paper.

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Gallery Retail: $925.00

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“Comes with original publishers certificate of authenticity”

Harry Houdini captivated audiences with his grandest escape, the “Chinese Water Torture Cell.” He is lowered head down into a glass contraption filled with water, in full view, with his feet manacled. He wowed audiences for years and remained unrivaled by his professional peers. Houdini never failed in the escape. Extraordinary editions of original fine art lithographs, using traditional, historic techniques honored by the greatest master artists of the 19th and 20th Century. “This art was created using the methods and presses shown in the Lithography Video”


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