Clotilde and Alexandre Sakharoff

Clotilde and Alexandre Sakharoff

Vintage Advertising Litho’s
Size: 31 x 47
Fine art lithograph. Hand-pulled on an antique press. Sequentially numbered.

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Gallery Retail: $425.00

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“Comes with original publishers certificate of authenticity”

Russian born, Alexander Sakharoff and his German wife, Clotilde enjoyed a successful career as soloist dancers. Their 1921 portrait by George Barbier to advertise their work was seen as showing an “mutually complementary androgynous couple” “united in dance” joined together in an act of “artistic creation. According to Alexander: “..Clotilde Sakharoff and I did not dance with music or accompanied by music: we danced music. We made the music visual, expressing by means of movements what the composer has expressed by means of sounds… Nothing less than the states of the soul, the impressions, the sensations lived by the composer and transposed to the sound with the help of its art… Our aim was to transpose the sense expressed by the music of the sounds, to the music of the movements.”


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