Snoopy Wall

Snoopy Wall: This will likely lead to an interior repaint, but I love the way the wall turned out : )
Hope you’re staying healthy & sane.

Tricia, AZ

Tom Everhart, Doggie Dearest, Mon Ami, Mello Jello


The craftsmanship is impressive…

You cannot appreciate how spectacular some of these movie posters are until you see them in person. The craftsmanship is impressive and the posters I purchased display beautifully.


LA, California

They arrived in perfect condition!

Hey Tom!

They arrived in perfect condition a few days ago. We had a very quick peek – then rolled em back up while we figure out framing. We’re delighted with the proofs.

Thanks for all your help.


Wonderful Artwork


The delivery was received. All 3 Everhart’s were received.

Thank you for shipping the wonderful artwork to me,


I’m so happy with my purchase!


Hope you had Happy Holidays,

Among all these holidays, I forgot to confirm that I received the Synchronize My Boogie – Evening and I’m so happy with my purchase,

Thank you very much for putting together such great works and please keep me in the loop for any further gallery activity you’ll be planning in the future,
Wish you a very prosperous year!