What makes a good decision when buying a work of art? Why choose an artist like Everhart, Matt Rinard, Waldermar Swierzy or Michael Bryan. Should I buy the S2 King Kong movie poster?

What about cost?

Certainly, price is a consideration; it feels good knowing you got a great value but more important is the emotional connection you have when you look at the artwork. The piece should draw you in, resonate with you, give you some type of connection. You can find a great deal on a piece of art but if the connection is missing you’ve missed the whole idea of collecting.

Joy that lasts a lifetime.

After all, this is something you should enjoy every time you see it on your wall. If a Tom Everhart makes you smile, create conversations and brings back memories you may have. It’s a purchase you will enjoy for the rest of your life.

In summary, a good deal is just part of the puzzle. Ideally, purchasing a work of art that resonates with you, connects with you AND getting a great value is a collecting home run. Enjoy the journey.